We work with agencies of all sizes on a regular basis, so we understand that requirements often vary from agency to agency, and even from campaign to campaign. This is why we have tailored our agency solutions to offer complete customization and control over your guest posting campaigns.

Our agency service allows you to set your own metrics for the blogs we target, and your own requirements for the content we produce. You can set these metrics and requirements for each individual campaign / client, or set them individually for each order – giving you complete control.

All of this takes place inside our agency control panel, where you manage your orders, clients and campaigns. We also provide a white-label control panel for you to brand as your own and give your clients access to monitor their guest posts statistics and track their search engine positions.

Custom Metrics & Requirements
You can specify custom metrics for the blogs we target; for instance, you could specify you only want posts published on blogs with a DA of 50+, or you might specify that you only want posts published on blogs with more than 5,000 followers. We also give you the ability to specify custom requirements for the content we produce; for example, you might want us to include some links to other authoritative sites within your posts.

Scalable Solutions
We don’t have a minimum order, or a minimum increment amount, so you can order the exact number of posts you require for each campaign. Whether you’re ordering 10 posts per month or 100 posts per month, our agency solution makes the perfect match.

Effortless Management for you and your Clients
We make managing your orders and tracking your guest posts easy for both you and your clients with our unique control panels. Effortlessly place new orders, add new campaigns, set new metrics and requirements for your posts, track progress, track statistics, and track your keywords search positions.

Get On-Board

If you want to take advantage of our agency solutions, then you’ll need an agency account on our control panel.

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Agency Control Panel

Our agency control panel lets you track and manage every aspect of your guest posting campaigns, all in one place. From here you can place new orders, manage your custom metrics and requirements, manage your campaigns and clients, track your campaigns progress and statistics, plus much more.

Coming Early 2015

White Label Control Panel for your Clients

We provide a white-label control panel for you to brand as your own and offer easy tracking to your clients. Our white-label control panel allows your clients to view all of their live guest posts, check on statistics for each posts (such as social engagement), and even track their search engine positions for all of their keywords.

Coming Early 2015